Beaches in Jordan | The Best of the Rest

If you are a traveler fascinated by the beauty of the sea and its sparkling waves, you can be sure that beaches in Jordan can earn a special place on your list of destinations.

We separate here a list of the best beaches in the country, that’s right, only the “tops” will be here. Check it out, discover it and be surprised!

The best beaches in the Dead Sea

1. Amman Beach 
The beach located on the Dead Sea is divided into two zones, the main area is more public and due to the fact that it has many places, more composed clothing is recommended. The other area is more touristy, where you can feel free to wear your bikini.

2. Oh Beach 
Located 2 km from Amman Beach, the resort is full of facilities to make any visitor super comfortable. Jacuzzi, swimming pools, and much more you can find there, but of course, you have the good old dead sea right there in front of you to enjoy.

The best beaches on the Red Sea

3. Coral Beach 
Located in Aqaba, as the name implies, you will be enchanted by the corals and colorful fish. It is no wonder that this beach with crystal clear water is ideal for those who want to go scuba diving. If your goal is to relax and escape the hustle and bustle, Coral Beaches may be the right choice.

4. South Beach 
Rated as the best beaches in the city of Aqaba, South Beach, or Aqaba Beach, it offers visitors enchanting experiences on the Red Sea. The beach is also a great option for scuba diving to explore marine life.


5. Berenice Beach 
Located in Aqaba, on the Red Sea, Berenice Beach is the ideal place for those who enjoy style and luxury. The beach offers visitors many boat trips, jet skis, and other water activities, as well as high-quality services.

You can easily find both resorts and 5* hotels in the Jordanian beaches region, contemplating the most different services and facilities, the best tips for choosing the ideal place to stay are:

Pay attention to the location:

– choose a resort or hotel close to your favorite beaches;

– Half board or full board is ideal, so you don’t have to worry about finding a good restaurant;

– Not all beaches are on the Dead Sea, some are on the Red Sea.

– All beaches have an entrance fee, the value is not fixed and can vary from one to another, the most popular beaches will weigh on your pocket.

An Egypt Getaway for Diving and Snorkeling Lovers

Is the focus to discovering marine life? Do you have time to explore other destinations? In addition to exploring Aqaba, plan a trip to Egypt. Jordan is very close to the Pharaonic land, it’s practically a hop there. Cross the border and head to the city of Dahab – one of the most sought-after spots by divers around the world and home to the famous Blue Hole.

Traveling to Jordan Tourism can be an amazing experience, of course, you won’t just stay on the Beaches in Jordan, it’s important to see the other riches of this country, so don’t miss the chance to get to know the pink city of Petra, the Wadi Rum desert and the historic Jerash.

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