The best 8 Places for Honeymooners

When we dream about the wedding day, we automatically think about the next day as well. “In married life?” you ask. No! In a wonderful and delicious trip to enjoy the first days of a new life for two. Looking for the best places to honeymoon.

To help you choose which route to take this time, we have chosen 10 options with different attractions, but equally charming in their own way.

They are national and international destinations, both for those who enjoy outdoor activities, beaches, and sun on their faces and for those who prefer large centers with several iconic places to visit.

1. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

The most famous archipelago in Brazil is an excellent destination for honeymooners.  Full of paradisiacal beaches and a breathtaking natural landscape, Fernando de Noronha is located in Pernambuco and is a marine sanctuary, protected by several ecological laws. There, the couple can find many outdoor attractions, enjoying the fauna and flora. It is called the dream city of honeymooners.

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In addition to resting in delicious inns, putting your feet in the sand, and cooling off in the crystal-clear sea, it is possible to practice sports during your honeymoon. Snorkeling and traditional diving can generate unforgettable memories. It is not difficult to observe dolphins and sea turtles in the region.

2. Las Vegas, USA

Vegas is the destination for couples who feel that one night of partying isn’t enough. The nightlife of this place offers the most varied attractions: from visiting huge casinos with an eccentric format to celebrating another show with Elvis Presley, why not?! – in one of the city’s numerous chapels. It is called the paradise of honeymoon dreams.

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Besides guaranteeing a couple of photos at the traditional Las Vegas sign, they’ll still be able to spend a lot of time on The Strip, the main thoroughfare full of lights and themed hotels, and there’ll be no shortage of fun. If you get a little tired of the rush, it is possible to visit the museum and even visit the secluded area where this Nevada town is located.

3. Venice, Italy

This Italian city exudes what is most romantic in the country and the world! It is a great choice for couples looking for fine dining, quiet walks, and those with a refined taste for architecture. Venice has a unique appearance, mainly due to the numerous canals that run through the city. Imagine the two of you listening to music as you ride the gondola and observe the centuries-old buildings. Here is a spot in the eye! It is known to be a popular place for honeymooners.

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Art and history buffs also have plenty of stops to make while in the city. Ali is considered the cradle of Italian culture and has many galleries and museums. It is also possible to visit one of the monumental churches we see in Europe, the Basilica di San Marco has an incomparable beauty and is more than 10 centuries old.

4. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a dream honeymoon destination because of its wonderful beaches, crystal clear seas, and five-star resorts. It is a region to relax and enjoy good drinks and Mexican cuisine that is unmatched. From the city, it is possible to visit other nearby locations and learn more about the history and culture of the indigenous people of Central America.

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There are also All-Inclusive accommodations that offer many activities within the facility itself. There are several spas, and relaxing massages, among other occupations to enjoy with your love.

5. Cappadocia, Turkey

The balance between sophistication and adventure lies in a zip code: Cappadocia, Turkey. This option is not the most popular among traditional couples but is preferred by those who enjoy outdoor activities due to its cultural and natural richness. The rocky chain that surrounds this area offers opportunities such as trails in cave rooms or more unusual and incredible stays.

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Of course, we cannot fail to mention the hot air balloon flights at sunrise. Surely it’s a memory to last a lifetime: you and your love flying over that glorious natural landscape.

6. Jericoacoara, Brazil

Brazil is full of natural paradises, and the village of Jericoacoara, on the coast of the Sierra, is perfect for those seeking relaxation after the burst of emotions involved in wedding preparations. Enjoy hammocks in the waters of Lagoa do Paraiso, buggy rides through the dunes, and hotel and hotel comforts. In addition, of course, the incomparable seaside cuisine.

It is also possible to have a super different experience there. For example, what do you think about visiting mangroves and seeing seahorses? It’s not an everyday thing, is it?


7. Maldives Islands, Maldives

The Maldives is an Asian country located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is a super honeymoon destination. There are several small islands in the area, which protect beaches that seem to come from a dream. This is a luxury option for those who enjoy the shade and fresh water, resorts or overwater bungalows.

For the adventurous, there are more radical tours like swimming with whale sharks and giant manta rays that inhabit this beautiful blue sea. If you want something more romantic, be sure to look for a private dinner on the sand, a candlelit meal by the sea.

8. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a very famous province and island in Thailand. It is one of the most famous destinations in the country for Patong Beach, with an excellent structure and accommodation for all budgets. Nearby, Karon and Kata are great options for enjoying the sand and sea.

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In Thailand, there is a great mix of urban and beach areas. So it’s not that hard to find shopping malls and other options for touring big cities just a few blocks away from the sand strip. Don’t miss Phuket’s nightlife, which, despite its many bars, is an unexpected experience. Also, take advantage of the many restaurants in the area to savor delicious Thai cuisine.

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