Best time to Travel to London

London is considered one of the most important cities in the world, being also one of the most visited destinations. There are many reasons why people decide to head to the British capital. For this reason, at step2travel we wanted to make this post to talk about the different aspects of the city and tell you about the best time to travel to London.


Best time to travel to London

One of the things you should know before reading on is that there is no exact best time to travel to London. This city is one of the most visited destinations in the world , so it doesn’t matter what months you decide to visit it, since you won’t be able to escape the multitude of tourists in the city. Despite this, there are some months that are better than others , especially when it comes to time. Although the city stands out for its mild climate, in winter it can reach temperatures close to 0ºC , so if you are not a fan of the cold, it will not be the best time to travel to London.


Spring, the best time to travel to London

London has once again become the most visited city in Europe and the third in the world , so it could be said that the flow of tourists in the English capital is continuous. Although the city is not quiet throughout the year, the spring months, from March to May, are considered the best time to travel to London. In summer the city is usually full of people, London’s autumn is usually very rainy and during the winter months the temperatures drop a lot, in addition to the humidity.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the city without much rain and with normal temperatures, the best time to travel to London is from March to May. During these three months you can enjoy the blossoming of London’s parks and gardens , before temperatures rise in summer. The month of March is considered as the transition between winter and spring, so there can be very different days, with very low or normal temperatures depending on the day. If you are thinking of traveling to London during the month of March, you should plan your trip beforehand to know what to wear.

The month of April is also included in the best time to travel to London since the city is already in the middle of the beginning of spring , with the blossoming of many of the city’s gardens. It is true that during this month there may be an increase in tourists in the city, especially if it coincides with Holy Week. Therefore, if you are thinking of traveling during this month, you should plan everything in advance to avoid running out of accommodation.

On the other hand, as it is one of the months in which the good weather begins, with the arrival of a greater number of tourists to the city, prices tend to be higher, especially for accommodation and tickets. For this reason, if you are thinking of saving, this may not be the best time to travel to London .

With the arrival of the month of May, everything continues to improve in the city . Temperatures are higher and more stable than in previous months, and as it is the month that precedes summer, you may be able to take advantage of the offers that are given in the city. During this month in London, there are usually no events or big celebrations, so the number of tourists tends to decrease compared to the previous and following months.

Winter, the best time to travel to London and save

During the winter months , which are December, January and February , the city of London is in low season and except December, due to Christmas, the rest of the months may be the best time to travel to London without this involving a big waste of money. During the month of December you can enjoy the many Christmas decorations that are distributed throughout the city , as well as the many skating rinks and the Christmas tree that is usually installed in Trafalgar Square. As we have said before, although this month is included in the low season, since it is Christmas, prices can be high .

During the month of January you can see how prices remain high until just after Christmas, when they can drop quite a bit. This month is considered the coldest of the year in the city , which is why many tourists prefer to wait a couple of months to head to the English capital. As there are not many tourists, prices will be reduced in accommodation and tickets , so it may be the best time to travel to London and save money.

With the arrival of February, the city is still plunged into winter , and although this month is usually one of the least rainy in the city of the year , the temperatures are so low that many tourists decide to wait to visit the English capital. One of the most outstanding dates in the city during this month is the celebration of the Chinese New Year , which is the biggest party outside of Asia. During this month you will be able to travel to London without spending a lot of money and if you can stand the cold you will find the city at the time when fewer tourists are seen.


The best time to travel to London depends on you

After analyzing the different parts of the year to find out the best time to travel to London, we believe that any month of the year is ideal to visit the city, everything will depend on your plans and the money you plan to spend. If you are just looking to have good weather in London, you may want to travel to the city in the months of May, June, July, and August. But if on the other hand you are looking not to spend a lot of money on your trip , the winter months may be the best option for you . In the end we see that there is clearly no better time to travel to London, since as we have seen this city is visited by many tourists every month of the year.

Once we have made it clear what the best time to travel to London is, all you have to do is prepare your luggage, get your tickets and enjoy one of the most visited cities in Europe. Once again we want to remind you that it is important that you travel to the English capital with travel insurance to be prepared for any unforeseen event, especially in regard to medical unforeseen events. You have to be prepared for everything, which is why at step2travel we know that you will be able to find the insurance that suits your needs.


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