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Like touring? really must read Bikepacker Tips. Vacations are the most fun and most awaited by everyone. Vacation time is filled with resting, and gathering with loved ones and close relatives, and even vacations are often used for sightseeing and sightseeing. Spending time sightseeing or visiting unvisited places. Vacations can restore enthusiasm and can also relieve stress. The safe tour is an important issue.

Especially for those of you who love to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature and visit remote places and even get your adrenaline pumping. Especially young people who like to travel together who usually use motorbikes and jackets. But you still need to be alert and maintain safety so that you reach your destination safely. Traveling by motorbike is a flexible way for our country. And if you use a motorbike, of course when you see a motorbike you can stop and enjoy the view.

Tour Preparation

Using a motorbike for touring is a very fun and exciting thing. But this time we will discuss a little about 7 Bikepacker Tips for safe walks with your favorite motorbike. You can read these tips and make them a recommendation for all of you. although touring using a motorbike will result in fatigue because you have to ride a motorbike for hours.
Traveling by motorbike is indeed very fun and interesting and getting an extraordinary experience. Make sure you take a vacation to places that are fun and exciting so that your trip is not in vain. And you need touring preparation. Here are some tips for touring motorbikes:

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1. Pay attention to the motor

No matter how expensive the motorbike you use and no matter how good you are, you still have to take it to a repair shop before traveling. In order to avoid breaking down and other motor problems. Oil changes, brake settings, and checking the air pressure on these wheels will all be very useful and help you stay safe while traveling. This prevents the touring from running smoothly without any hiccups.
You also really need to pay attention to your safety, so don’t forget to equip yourself with a helmet, because the head is a very important organ in your life. Don’t forget to make sure you complete the motorcycle and sim documents to be safe from a ticket.


2. Supplies to be prepared

Next Bikepacker Tips Always provide a spare bottle for touring by motorbike to store gasoline. Because you can’t be sure if you’ll be able to find fuel on the way. Provide a spare tire so that at any time if you need it when the tire is punctured you don’t have to look for an inner tube. Wearing a jacket and gloves is something we highly recommend for you to wear when touring. Jackets and gloves will help you in both hot and cold conditions. And you also prepare a coat especially if you travel during the rainy season. A raincoat will help you control your motorcycle. A single raincoat is more suitable for you to use. Bring a daypack model bag and it’s better if your motorbike has an additional box. You still have to go slow and don’t speed up when touring, because safety is the number one thing you need to pay attention to. Not only for your safety but also for the safety of others. It’s better to take it slow and you can enjoy the scenery as well as the journey.

3. Health

Before going on a trip you have to make sure you sleep 8 hours because the opponent for motorbike riders with long distances is himself. That is prime, so don’t force yourself if you are in an unfit health condition because it can be dangerous. Every two hours you should take a break and pull over for a while so you don’t get tired because you still have to keep your concentration while driving. Before traveling, you should prepare the route or path you want to take, adjust the route to the condition of the motorbike you are using. Make sure you choose a route that is safe and comfortable when traveling, not looking for the fastest route. If you want to travel far, you should leave early and the best time to leave is dawn. You should avoid traveling in the middle of the night because it can put you at risk of drowsiness and can harm you. In addition, if you use a foreign road it can also pose other risks.

4. Load condition and spare key

Bring only what you need, avoid carrying too many items. Because if you are overloaded it will endanger yourself and your body will be exhausted. Don’t rush on this journey it’s all for your safety.
Bringing this spare key is all in order to avoid something you don’t want such as losing your motorbike key while resting. You must provide a weather application so that you can check any changes in the weather that may occur. Make sure you use google maps to help you guide your journey. This application is useful for guiding your trip.

5. Pay attention to the needs of the body and stamina

You also have to eat on time while traveling. You must eat regularly and don’t force your body to work beyond limits. Don’t forget to drink water, you still have to pay attention to the needs of your body, don’t get dehydrated. Especially when the weather is dry and hot. Your body really needs a drink.

And remember, before traveling, you have to maintain a healthy body and body fitness by eating regularly and exercising. So that your trip arrives at your destination and is also memorable for you and your friends.

6. Equipment to deal with a strike

Next Bikepacker Tips Don’t forget to bring simple keys that can help you repair your motorbike when it’s in trouble or breaks down on the road. By bringing a small key you can repair the motorbike yourself.

7. Consideration of vacation time

Next Bikepacker Tips Pay attention to the distance, and the purpose of your vacation time if your vacation is only a little and not long. You should consider it beforehand for traveling too far. Because the distance is long and doesn’t force time, because it will make your vacation unpleasant and will be in a hurry so there is no time to enjoy the holiday.

Maybe this is all I can convey and tips about touring motorbikes and I hope it can help and can provide input for those of you who like and have a hobby of doing touring trips and touring preparations. Make sure your trip is fun and can get to your destination safely. Always take care of your health and for those of you who are Muslim, keep your obligations as a Muslim even though you are traveling long distances. Keep yourself and others safe. And finished our article today entitled Like Touring? Here are 7 Bikepacker Tips, Travel safely with your favorite motorbike. Thank you so much and loyal readers.



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