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Greece is one of the best-known Mediterranean countries in the world, with more than 6,000 islands. Among all these, only a few have become known to everyone. The most spectacular beaches and for concentrating the largest number of tourists every year. Mykonos is one of the best city in Greece. This is the case in Mykonos, an island known for its landscape of white and blue houses. Where you can plan everything from watching the sunset to spending the night in its many bars and pubs. At Step2travel we always want you to have the best possible experience, which is why we’ve put together this post on what to do in Mykonos during your holiday.

If you visit City in Greece of Mykonos, be sure to check out the following places.

1. Little Venice

We start our list of things to do in Mykonos with one of the most beautiful corners of the whole island. This site is ‘Little Venice’, where you can find 18th-century houses, which are whitewashed towards the sea and attract attention for their attractive colors on the windows and balconies. This place is perfect for taking as many photos as possible. Also, you should know that some of these rooms are art galleries or bars, so you can enjoy the wonderful view of the sea that they offer. Go to the city of Greece on summer vacation and have a great time.


2. Chora, the capital

Without a doubt, one of the things to do in Mykonos is to visit Chora, the capital of the island. The city is perfect for strolling through its small streets that take you back to another era. This city will make you fall in love with its whitewashed houses whose balconies and windows stand out for their blue color. Also, in this city, you can find one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the island, the Castro, whose streets are the most photographed by many tourists. If you are thinking of visiting Mykonos, Chora is an ideal place to make your stay, as the town is very well connected to the rest of the island.

3. The windmills of Kato Milli

Another plan to do in Mykonos is to visit the windmills of Kato Mili, which have become symbols of the island. These seven mills have a special location, as they are located on the beach. Their location makes them the perfect place to enjoy the Mykonos sunset. This is one of the points where more tourists come at that time of the afternoon.


4. Anus Mere

If you decide to visit the island, one thing to do in Mykonos is the only town that is inland, Ano Mera. It is located 7 km from the capital and is distinguished by some cobbled roads. Which is perfect for walking and disconnecting from everything, as well as getting to know the city square with its history.

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in the city is the Panagia Turlani Monastery, which was built in the 16th century. Also, this destination is also perfect for having a drink with your family and friends. Because it has numerous bars and terraces where you can spend time. You cannot miss the chance to get to know this small Greek town.

5. The beaches of Mykonos

Undoubtedly, one of the mandatory things to do in Mykonos is to visit some of the island’s beaches. Which is considered by many to be the best in the entire country. Many of these beaches are tourist attractions due to their golden sand. Where you can sunbathe and relax. Their crystal clear water, which will take you to heaven.

Some of the beaches you must visit in Mykonos are Prague. One of the most popular, Agios Stefano, is located near the new port, Pernomos beach. A wild wind that attracts many tourists, paradise beach, if you want to have fun then many bars, pubs and restaurants Jan. Kalo Livadi, a large sandy beach where you can take a hammock and sunbathe quietly.

There are many more beaches on the island, but we have chosen the ones we believe best represent Mykonos. Therefore, once you are there, you can bathe, sunbathe, enjoy good food and drinks and above all, disconnect from the world in any area of the island.


You can enjoy a good vacation after knowing what to do in Mykonos. You now pack your suitcase, get your ticket, and head to the Hellenic country. One thing you should be clear about is that there are many other things you can do on the island. As there are many towns, beautiful beaches, bars, and cliffs among other places, they offer many possibilities to tourists. If you want to disconnect, enjoy and learn about the history of Western civilization, then visiting Greece on vacation is the best option.

In the end, this is the perfect place for city in Greece for summer vacation.

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