Clean a Suitcase | How to clean your suitcase the right way?

Until the day of the trip, we went through several stages: choosing the destination, organizing the itinerary, booking the hotel, buying the tickets, sorting the clothes, and packing and unpacking the luggage. And that’s when a surprise can arise: the outside of the suitcase is dirty and/or has mold inside. Lets Clean a Suitcase :

clean a suitcase |  suitcase cleaning

To help you, we have prepared this guide on how to clean a dirty or moldy suitcase:

The dangers of a moldy suitcase

It is important to know that there are different types of suitcases and that each one has specific care, such as cleaning the dirt left over from the last trip.

From outside dirt from the streets you’ve walked through to shoe stains on the inside, there are many ways to soil a suitcase. However, the number one complaint of bad luggage storage is mold, better known as good old mold.

Mold is formed by fungi, but they do not have the same structures as mushrooms. It is formed through the deadly combination of damp and dark spaces. In fact, the presence of mold is harmful to objects that contain it, as it can corrode or damage them.

In addition, mold is also harmful to human health causing respiratory and allergic problems. That’s why it’s so important to know how to clean a suitcase and get rid of mold and bad smells.

clean a suitcase |  suitcase cleaning

How to clean a suitcase with mold: step by step

Now that you know the dangers of leaving your suitcase with mold, we are going to show you a very simple recipe on how to clean a suitcase. But remember to do the cleaning at least 3 days before traveling!

Ingredients: – Toothbrush – Vacuum cleaner – Warm water – Neutral detergent – Sponge – Water spray – White vinegar – Alcohol – A sock – Baking soda

How to do it: 1. Clean the outside of the suitcase with the help of a toothbrush; 2.On the inside, use the vacuum cleaner; 3. Then, apply a sponge to the outside and inside with a mixture of a glass of warm water and a few drops of neutral detergent; 4.To remove the musty smell once and for all, spray a solution of half a glass of vinegar and half a glass of alcohol all over the suitcase and let it dry for 1 whole day; 5. Finally, keep a sock with baking soda inside the suitcase. In this way, you prevent mold from appearing again;


clean a suitcase |  suitcase cleaning

How to clean a suitcase from the outside

The reason for the external dirt is that, often, the way the suitcase is stored inside the plane is not ideal. Not to mention that the dispatch desk, conveyor belt, luggage trolley, and plane don’t have the most impeccable cleanliness in the world.

Therefore, we are going to teach you how to clean a hard suitcase from the outside:

More and more, hard bags are becoming popular not only for their style but also for the convenience of fitting more things. However, when cleaning, it is necessary to take some care, especially in relation to the material of the suitcase.

If yours is made of polycarbonate, a soft sponge with only warm water and a few drops of neutral detergent is recommended for surface cleaning. For heavier dirt, we recommend the use of isopropanol, a general-purpose cleaner that is easily found on the internet and in electronic and computer equipment stores.

clean a suitcase |  suitcase cleaning



There are specific non-abrasive cleaning products that can be used, but always remember to remove excess products with the help of a damp cloth in water. Oh, and be careful not to overdo the water and damage the internal tissues.


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