14 hotels around the world with extraordinary pools!

Who is a fan of the sea, but lives far from it, ends up not dispensing with a beautiful pool. An extraordinary pools is perfect for your relaxation It’s a fact that the proximity to the water relaxes, revitalizes and, in the case of swimming and exercise, still keeps you in shape, but it’s funny how easily we are fascinated by swimming pools.

In addition to being an attraction for several projects, the pools carry a unique beauty, whether due to their unique shapes, the color of the water that glistens with the sun or the surrounding landscaping. In fact, when they are empty, they leave the environment sad, with a face of abandonment and without all that vigor, which ends up discouraging anyone.

Whether cold or hot, there are 14 hotel options with extraordinary pools, in the middle of the big city, the forest, the sea or the Swiss Alps, built in the most diverse ways. We will help you find an extraordinary pools in your city.  Find one to fall in love with and, who knows, dive in:

1. Boscolo Milano, Milan, Italy

It is One of the best extraordinary Pools With design, the luxury hotel overlooking Milan Cathedral has an indoor heated pool that lives up to the fashion capital. The spa also includes a sauna and Turkish bath, in a warm and steamy environment. The place is right in the center of Milan, next to the charming Via Montenapoleone.

Extraordinary Pools

2. Delamore Lodge, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows delight guests of the luxury Hawaiian hotel. The pool with waterfall in the courtyard of the site is just one of the options, and there is also another heated pool, which is inside a cave, and has a sauna. To end the day, how about a spa massage?

Extraordinary Pools

3. InterContinental Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It is One of the best extraordinary pools in dubai city. With a 25-meter long outdoor pool, a balcony with panoramic views of Dubai Marina and a spa service, the hotel attached to the Festival City Shopping Center impresses with its individual pool on each floor, as well as another, collective and just as impressive.

Extraordinary Pools

4. The Springs Resort and Spa, Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

The luxury resort and spa spreads across 165 acres, including a nature preserve, which includes rescued animals. With 18 natural hot water pools, there are waterfalls in some of them that make the tour even more fun and a bit wild.

Extraordinary Pools

5. The Cambrian, Adelboden, Switzerland

With panoramic views of the Swiss Alps, the 700-square-meter spa features an incredible heated outdoor pool overlooking nothing less than the mountains. Waterfalls on the terrace and in the lounge make the hotel even more interesting.

Extraordinary Pools

6. Perivolas, Oia, Greece

The five-star hotel on the cliffs of the Aegean Sea has an infinity pool that offers a breathtaking view. With 17 private residences, guests stay in restored 300-year-old caves.

7. Hotel Hacienda in Xamena, Ibiza, Spain

High on a hill on the north coast of Ibiza is the hotel overlooking the sea and a Thalassotherapy Waterfall Suspended Circuit. As if that wasn’t enough, it also has three swimming pools in its complex, all with an impressive look.

Extraordinary Pools

8. Le Crans Hotel and Spa, Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Above the ski resort is the luxury hotel and spa, which houses well-heeled tourists in its upscale chalets. Surrounded by forests and mountains, it overlooks the Alps and Mont Blanc, which can be seen from the heated outdoor pool.

Extraordinary Pools

9. Four Seasons Shanghai, Shanghai, China

It is One of the most famous extraordinary pools in Shanghai City. The strong and world-renowned name already says a lot about the hotel, but in Shanghai it’s the pool that takes the spotlight. With a panoramic view of the city, it has an infinity edge that gives the guest the impression that they are one step away from the urban center.

Extraordinary Pools

10. Grand Wailea, Hawaii, USA

With a water park, three golf courses, five restaurants and a spa, the luxury resort occupies 16 hectares of Wailea Beach. Talking about what interests us in this post, nine outdoor pools are connected by a rip current pool. Aquatic fun knows no bounds with this many options.

hotel pools

11. Al Bustan Palace, Muscat, Oman

The Arabian and Art Deco-influenced resort in the middle of the beach offers a variety of recreation options, such as windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling. In total, it has five outdoor pools, plus one just for children.

Pools with hotel

12. Velassaru Maldives, Velassaru Island, Maldives

By the sea and with an incredible view, the hotel is ideal for those who are a fan of water sports and adventure. As if being in the Maldives wasn’t enough, Velassaru’s pool has an infinity edge and is right in the middle of the impressive blue sea.


13. The Sarojin, Khao Lak, Thailand

It is One of the most famous extraordinary pools in Khao Lak city in Thailand. An hour’s drive from Phuket, the tropical retreat values ​​local landscaping and flowers, as it is also surrounded by forests. The outdoor pool has a charming space ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy the sunset.

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14. Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Tremezzo, Italy

With three indoor and outdoor pools, the hotel dating back to 1910 is marked by Art Nouveau design. Those who prefer a whirlpool can enjoy the outdoors overlooking Lake Como.

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