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. In our list of historic places for you to visit, we separate options in national regions and in other countries. Some of them have been popular with tourists for years. Others, while popular, aren’t always on adventurers’ radars – and we’re here to show you why they’ll be on your upcoming travel list! We will tell you about 8 historical places that must be visited.
Petra Jordan

1. Historic Center of Salvador, Brazil

The Portuguese colonization of our country began in Bahia. In the state we have Marco do Descobrimento, in the city of Porto Seguro, recording the place where the first mass was held on national soil. However, in the capital city of Salvador, there are also many historical Places worth visiting.

2. Ouro Preto, Brazil

The great symbol of colonial Brazil’s gold mining era, the mining town of Oro Preto, the museum, the iconic Praca de Tiradentes. and home to all the exuberant churches that characterize the region. The land has more than 300 years of history and has already witnessed nation-building and revolution. There are over 100 historical places in Brazil.

The baroque style and cobbled streets are an added attraction of this area which has a lot of natural beauty and unique cuisine. If you are there, don’t forget to participate in a gastronomic tour to try the delicious Minas cheeses and simple sweets. Also see Estrada Real, the main road back when Brazil wasn’t even an independent country.

3. Easter Island, Chile

This mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean is a historic destination for nature lovers. Easter Island, whose original name was Rapa Nui. There are several huge statues in the shape of faces called moai. Anyone who has seen the movie “Night at the Museum” must remember watching one.

Volcanic ash is scattered around the island. There are many attractions to see inside just one volcanic cave. Anyone visiting the region will be bombarded by the stories and culture of the Native American people.

4. Teotihuacan, Mexico

Land of the so-called Mexican pyramids, Teotihuacan was the main city of the civilization that would become the Aztec people and its origin dates back to around 100 BC. Quetzalpápalotl.

It is also possible to enter the archaeological site of the region and the Calçada dos Mortos. This visit is essential for anyone going to Mexico City, as it is close to this tourist spot that has even become a UNESCO Heritage Site. Take the opportunity to pay attention to the explanations of the guides about the history and culture of the civilization that lived in this area, you will certainly not regret it.

5. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

We talked about the Mexican pyramids and now we are going to talk about the ones that are in Africa and are the most famous in the world, the Pyramids of Giza. Egypt has a very ancient society and a unique social organization where the powerful pharaohs were the greatest power figure. Its history is full of mystery. Egypt is believed to have a 1,000-year-old heritage site. Which makes it one of the most historic places in the world.

It is possible to visit the interior of all three pyramids and there are still chambers that have not been opened. In the region, there are still many other attractions such as the Sphinx, museums, and temples.

Historical Places

6. Petra, Jordan

And since we are in a desert climate, we are going straight to the city made of stones. Petra is located in Jordan. In its heyday, it housed a large population and was an obligatory point of passage for merchants in the region.

This very different attraction was where one of the films of the famous franchise of the adventurer Indiana Jones took place, but that is not the only reason why it attracts so many tourists annually. It’s an area of ​​historical importance and its origins date back to the 6th century BC, so there’s a lot to see and learn there!

7. Parthenon, Greece

Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, a place that inspired the culture, architecture, and philosophy of countless peoples. Athens was the city-state where the great philosophers lived and which houses the most iconic temple of one of the Olympian gods. The Parthenon is located on the Acropolis of the city and has become the symbol of this culture.

The ruins are just one of the attractions for those who want to visit the city and even with queues most of the year. It is a destination that any history lover should know. Take the opportunity to stroll through the city and get to know the coastal region of the country that is on the Mediterranean Sea.

8. Colosseum, Rome

Another great symbol of antiquity, the Colosseum is the largest Roman monument. An empire that dominated Europe and a part of Africa for many years. Built as an amphitheater, where gladiator fights and theater shows are held, this attraction dates back to 70 AD. Today it has already lost part of its structure. Even so, it remains imposing and very beautiful.

If you want to visit Italy, this is a must-stop. It is possible to take a tour inside the arena and hire guides. Who will tell stories about this place and explain construction details and other interesting points.


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