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The time has come! The wedding planning is going from strength to strength, you’ve already chosen the dress, and colors of the decoration, your groom has already decided on the clothes, closed place, and… IT’S TIME TO SOLVE THE HONEYMOON! It’s the best part, guys, it’s a delight to decide where you’re going to rest after all the madness of the wedding. Decide where you will spend the first days of your married life! It’s Time to Perfect planning for Honeymoon.

You are itching to plan your dream vacation, the honeymoon. Until recently, you were purple with envy over your friends’ travel photos on Facebook, but now you’re ready to take the most beautiful photos in the world as newlyweds. We’ve covered planning in honeymoons before, giving you tips on how to save money, but now we’re here to help you plan your honeymoon without the headache and make your trip, wherever you go, perfect!

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1. Don’t plan everything alone

Listening to your fiancé and future husband is the most important thing when you planning to honeymoon. We know that girls really enjoy a trip to the mall, but how about not doing it during this trip if your husband doesn’t like it that much? Finding a middle ground, and choosing a place you both enjoy in common is the best way to make the most of your trip. Remember that this is the big time for the two of you to enjoy each other and take the opportunity to rest together. Be flexible and enjoy!

2- Think outside the box

Thinking of a honeymoon doesn’t automatically conjure up beaches, coconut trees, and sun. If it’s not a show you or your husband likes, why push it? Think outside the box, don’t get stuck thinking about honeymooning like other people. On my honeymoon, I went to Brumadinho in Minas Gerais to see a beautiful open-air museum called In Hatim. From there we made our way to Prato and it was a joy. We could enjoy the cold together as it was in July. Instead of the classic beach, you won’t be looking for a place where you can drink wine, visit a park with adventure activities or even visit a beautiful city full of stories.

3- Time is money

Don’t choose to travel the world if you only have a few days off to use on your honeymoon. I know some stories of couples traveling to several countries in a week, but it turns out that this type of trip leaves people more tired than happy. Of course, the trip will always be a delight, but maybe it’s better to relax, enjoy and enjoy one place than spend hours moving and wasting time to enjoy your love a little more.

4- You get what you pay for

Of course, you are excited and want to plan and fly as high as you can on this trip. It’s full of wild ideas, and incredible destinations, but… Think carefully before you go out there wishing for everything. You get what you paid for, it’s no use wanting something fancy if you’re not willing to spend a lot of money. Don’t fall for the idea of ​​choosing the cheapest hotel so you can do more on your trip. It won’t do much good to have money for a walk if the hotel you’re staying in doesn’t have a decent bed to rest on, right? Research the prices and quality of the things you are going to buy.

5- Be original!

Booking the exact same honeymoon your friends did is not always the best way to go. Just because they said it was the perfect honeymoon for them doesn’t mean it will be perfect for you! When choosing a destination, remember the things that matter most to you: do you both love to eat? Or are you more into the outdoors? Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? Choose your destination based on the locations that offer things you both enjoy. It can’t be an amazing trip without thinking about it!

6- Told me told me

Try not to obsess over comments about your trip. If someone in hotel searches a year ago complained about the air conditioning and no one else has mentioned it since, conclude that the problem has been fixed. If many people have the same complaint, then you should pay attention. Also don’t listen too much to people who criticize something you love. The trip is yours for the two of you and you know how to have fun together.

7- To plan ahead or not?

Waiting until the last minute to decide what to do on you planning to honeymoon is not a good idea, but so far in advance might not be either. You are already planning so many things that you may be exhausted by the end of the marriage. And then, just think: you travel the very next day, dead tired, and as soon as you arrive at your destination, you already have a tour booked. Maybe it’s better to wait a little, see if it’s not more peaceful to spend the first day resting with your love, lying on the beach or even hugging and making love in the hotel room.

8- The new Mr. and Mrs.

Guys, this is a very important item, take note: Do not book your honeymoon with your married name. Please ensure that all travel reservations comply with your legal documents in force at the time of travel. Usually, the wedding documents take a while to get ready, so remember to book with the exact name that is on the document that will be with you on the trip.

9- Home Doce Hotel

The best part of traveling is having new and unforgettable experiences! Be open to them and don’t expect things to be exactly as they are in your city or country. Open your mind and accept different foods, different sweets, and different walks. Feel other tastes, and other sensations, and take the opportunity to enjoy new things alongside your brand new husband. If you’re not really into new experiences, try to go to a place with customs similar to your country or city. But, really, there’s nothing better than experiencing something together for the first time. It’s so romantic!

10- Leave your closet at home

You don’t need to take your entire wardrobe with you on your trip. Plan well what clothes you’re going to wear and don’t go overboard, it can become big stress like excess luggage or extra weight to carry. Make a smart choice of clothes: if you’re going to spend your honeymoon on the beach, you don’t need heels, right? But if you don’t give up the heels, take a neutral one that works with several clothes. Leave heavy things at home and make more space for lingerie, for example. After all, it’s your honeymoon, right, the important thing is to enjoy it!

All the above must be taken into consideration for perfect honeymoon planning.

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