The 8 things to visit in London in 4 days

If you are planning your next getaway and have chosen to visit London, one of the most famous cities in the world, you should know that you have to have great planning if you want to enjoy every corner of the British capital. For this reason, at step2travel we have decided to make this post to talk about what to visit in London in 4 days, which is usually the average time it takes to get to know the city in its entirety.


1. Big Ben

To start our list of what to visit in London in 4 days we have to do it with Big Ben . It does not matter if you only spend one day in the city, since your visit is almost mandatory. Big Ben is the name by which we know the clock tower found in the Houses of Parliament. This was built in 1858 in the Gothic style and is more than 100 meters high.

A curious fact is that its name is not due to its height, but rather Big Ben refers to a huge bell of more or less 14 tons that is inside the tower, being a World Heritage Site. Undoubtedly one of the key places to travel in London in 4 days. Currently, this place has become an icon of the city , is recognized anywhere in the world.

2. London Eye

Once you have visited Big Ben, very close you will find another of the places to visit in London in 4 days, the London Eye, so you can visit both places in the same day. This large Ferris wheel is located right on the south bank of the Thames, opposite Big Ben. You can decide between observing from the north shore or going up and enjoying the spectacular views it offers.

This Ferris wheel reaches a height of 135 meters and takes about 40 minutes to make a complete turn . You can enjoy the London Eye both during the day and at night when it begins to light up giving a special touch to the English capital and thus offering an unforgettable experience.

3. Buckingham Palace

Another of the places to visit in London in 4 days would be the famous Buckingham Palace. This place attracts millions of tourists a year to watch the famous changing of the guards, and if you’re lucky you can coincide when the queen is staying at the palace. During the summer months, visits are allowed, being able to see the State Apartments, as well as the royal stables and the queen’s gallery.

But without a doubt, one of the plans that attract the most tourists to the palace is , as we have mentioned before, the changing of the guard. This consists of the changing of the royal guard at 11:00 am. Seeing this moment is totally free, but the problem is that it doesn’t take place every day, so you should be prepared to know on what days and at what times it will take place.

4. Westminster Abbey

Built at the beginning of the 11th century, Westminster Abbey is one of the most important buildings in the English capital, which is why it is one of the places to visit in London in 4 days. All royal coronation ceremonies take place in this religious temple, as well as the burial of some of the most illustrious figures in English history.

Some of these are Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, and Isaac Newton, among others. If you plan to visit this place during your visit to the British capital, you should find out about the different schedules of the abbey, so you can travel london calmly and enjoy each of its corners.

5. Tower of London

Built-in 1078 by King William to protect the city from enemies and control river traffic, the Tower of London has become one of the most visited places in the city. Without a doubt, this castle is one of the obligatory stops if you are thinking about what to visit in London in 4 days. This is located on the banks of the Thames and is surrounded by a moat. Once you cross its walls you can visit other important places such as the White Tower or the Royal Chapel of San Pedro, in addition to being able to see the enclosure where the Crown Jewels are located.

6. London Tower Bridge

We cannot talk about the Tower of London without mentioning one of the most famous bridges in the city and one that is practically known all over the world, the Tower Bridge of LondonBuilt-in 1894 on the River Thames, it owes its name to its proximity to the Tower of London.

7. Harrods

These luxury department stores have become one of the key places to travel London in 4 days. Harrods galleries are known worldwide, receiving daily visits from thousands of tourists who come even if it is to buy something that says ‘Harrods’. When Christmas is over and the sales begin, it is the time when they receive the most visits since they have great discounts. Don’t miss out on visiting these luxurious stores and observing their magnificent façade, which is usually lit up some parts of the year.

8. Piccadilly Circus

You cannot visit the British capital without going through Piccadilly Circus, one of the most striking places to visit in London in 4 days. This is a small square where the intersection of several streets is located, being the most famous meeting point in the city. Everyone knows this square for the large video screens, as well as the advertising that you can find on large billboards.


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