Planning a Trip | 7 things to know before booking a Vacation

Perfect planning is needed before going anywhere. We will help you with advice on Planning a Trip. Tickets purchased, hotel booked, and passport in hand. The next step before embarking with the family for that much-desired vacation is to organize what to pack. However, for many, the time to pack for a long trip ends up being more complicated than it should. 

After all, there is always something last minute to add. It is also necessary to leave space for shopping abroad and the chances of ending up with excess luggage only increase.

To help with this task, we’ve put together 7 foolproof tricks. Check out!

Planning a Trip | long trip tips

1. Prepare a case with chargers

When you Planning a Trip it is quite common to take not only your cell phone but also your camera, tablets, notebook, etc. And that means lots of chargers in one bag for you to organize.

As a result, they end up taking up more space than they should, can break or break the wires, and even end up being forgotten in the hotel where you stayed.

To solve this in a simple and practical way, just assemble a case in which you will put all these items. If possible, choose a universal model that fits different devices and reduce the number of parts you need to take. That way, you avoid loss or damage.

Planning a Trip | long trip tips

2. Include a first aid kit

It is very important to have a first aid kit when you are planning a trip with your family or children. You take your children to discover new places, enjoy every moment together, and, on top of that, the little ones even learn a new language.

However, we are always subject to unforeseen circumstances. You can eat something on the street that makes you feel sick, feel that annoying headache or catch a cold, especially when there is a sudden change in temperature between the country of origin and the country of destination.

In such cases, the best thing to do is prevent. Prepare a small bag with those medicines and products that your family is used to using and include it in your suitcase.

This is also an important tip because often the little ones have asthma or an allergy and you won’t always be able to buy the medicine at a local pharmacy, as they can ask for a prescription to sell it. That’s why it’s better to take it from home than run the risk of being abroad.

Planning a Trip | long trip tips

3. Use vacuum bags to reduce the volume

If you’ve already started sorting out what you’ll take on the trip and you think you probably won’t fit everything in your suitcase, maybe it’s time to use vacuum bags. They work in a very intuitive and practical way to reduce the volume of your luggage.

You add your pieces into them and then vacuum the air — with a vacuum, for example. Afterward, Just organize them inside your luggage and open them when you are going to use something.

Another very useful feature of these items is that they come in different sizes and models, in addition to ensuring that clothes do not wrinkle.

4. Collect your documents in a folder at the beginning of the Planning a trip

When you think about packing for a long trip, consider the organization of your documents. This is because, especially on international trips with the family, their number increases considerably. At the beginning of planning a trip, it is important to have the necessary documents with you to avoid complications in the paperwork law.

These are passports, travel insurance, airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc. To ensure they don’t crease, tear, or get lost, pack them all into a folder that can be either medium or large.

Another important tip is to include it in your luggage last, as you will probably handle it — removing and storing it often, including at immigration to present the visa when applicable.

Planning a Trip | long trip tips

5. Use bottle kits when packing for a long trip

When packing for a long trip, don’t make the mistake of taking as many personal and hygiene products with you as possible.

Remember that excess packaging will take up precious space in your luggage that could be better used for things you will actually need while abroad.

In addition, even using shampoo, creams, conditioners, and liquid soaps in your daily life usually takes time to finish. Just imagine during your trip!

Therefore, invest in vial kits to take reduced measurements of these items. This way you avoid waste and the main thing: it saves space in your suitcase!

6. Bring organizers to separate clothes

There is no shortage of organizer models for you to add to your suitcase and extract all the features they offer. For example, those made of TNT or plastic are the most used precisely because they serve in different situations.

They can wrap shoes so they don’t mix with clothes, separate socks, and underwear, or store bikinis, swim trunks, and sarongs, in case you plan to visit a beach or water park.

In addition, organizers can serve to isolate those clothing items that are dirty or that will no longer be used on vacation.

7. Avoid excessive footwear

Our last tip to pack for a long trip couldn’t be another: avoid excess shoes.

After all, this is a very common misconception among families who are planning to visit another country like the US and visit not just one, but several North American cities.

In these cases, it is essential that you research the weather in each of these regions, as there can be drastic climatic variations from one place to another. While in one place it is raining, in another it is completely sunny and so on.

In this way, you can anticipate the type of footwear you will use in each destination. Another important point is to avoid placing more pairs than necessary.

This is because it is common to focus on quantity, although this is not synonymous with quality. So focus is your keyword! Even because your suitcase will have very little space if there are too many shoes, sneakers, boots, and sandals.

Learning to pack for a long trip is not as difficult a process as it sounds. To do this in a simple and faster way, just apply our tips and always seek the balance between what you want to take and what you really need to have in your luggage.

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