The best areas to stay in London

Over the years, London has managed to become the city that receives the most tourists in all of Europe. For this reason, if you are thinking of taking a trip to the British capital, you have to know that you must have great planning at all times, from the places and sites you are going to visit to the area where you decide to spend the night. For this reason, at step2travel we wanted to make this post to tell you about the best area to stay in London according to your travel planning.


1. Westminster, the best area to stay in London for sightseeing

This London neighborhood is located between Soho and the River Thames. The best area to stay in London and be close to some of the most emblematic places in the city, such as Big Ben, the Abbey, Westminster Palace, Buckingham Palace or the National Gallery. As we can see, this would be the best area to stay in London for tourism, since it is close to important places in the city.

Another reason why it is the best area to stay in London is its good connections with other parts of the city . In the neighborhood of Westminster, you will find train stations such as Charing Cross or Victoria, as well as several subway stops. To this we could add that in this area of ​​London there is also a small pier from which the boats and ships that travel the Thames leave .


2. West End, where to stay in central London

If you are thinking about where to stay in London, the West End area is located in the heart of the city , which will help you to move around the rest of London. This neighborhood is located on the north side of the River Thames , to the west of the city. Some of the places that you can find nearby are Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Leicester Square or Trafalgar Square . For this reason West End is a good area to stay in London for sightseeing.

This can be considered the best area to stay in London as it has a large number of exclusive shops, art galleries, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, as well as a lot of nightlife. That is why on many occasions this area is compared to Midtown Manhattan in New York.


3. Notting Hill, a quiet area to discover another London

If for you the best area to stay in London is the one that offers you the most tranquility, then you should bet on Notting Hill. This neighborhood is known for having some great carnivals and for the cinema since it was the place where the Julia Roberts film of the same name takes place. But if we have to highlight something in this neighborhood, it is its beautiful color and staggered houses.

Another reason to choose this neighborhood to stay in London is the Portobello Market, where you can find a variety of antiques, spices, second-hand clothes, fruit, vegetables, etc. As we can see, life in this area is more like that of Londoners than in other more central neighborhoods. Despite this, Notting Hill has very good tube connections that can bring you to the center in no time.


4. Soho, is the perfect neighborhood if you are looking for nightlife in London

When looking for a place to stay in London, many people do so thinking about the nightlife that this European city offers. The Soho district is located between the area of ​​Westminster and the West End , which places it in the heart of London. For this reason they also make it an area to stay in London for sightseeing, being one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city.

What stands out most about this area is that it has numerous exclusive shops with a rather bohemian and modern air . You will be able to find how many designers have chosen this area to set up their shops. There is also a wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs and entertainment venues, but if you are looking for something more than nightlife you can also find several theaters.


5. Knightsbridge, where to stay in London and be in the center

Considered by many to be quiet , this area is located west of central London and south of the well-known Hyde Park . This neighborhood is considered one of the most select in the city, with numerous luxury homes, restaurants, and shopping centers , such as the well-known Harrods.

In its streets you can also locate some places of cultural interest such as the Natural History Museum, London Science Museum or the Victoria and Albert Museum . Like many other neighborhoods in the city, this one also has good connections by public transport , as the Piccadilly line passes through, with which you can get to Knightsbridge station.


6. Covent Garden, the best area to stay in London and relax

This neighborhood is located in the southwest of central London , being one of the most charming in the capital. In its streets you can find a large number of theaters , cafes, shops, markets and craft stalls . This is the main reason why many people choose this area to stay in London during their stay in the city.

It is undoubtedly one of the best areas to stay in London for tourism, since you can walk to many of the emblematic places of the English town . In addition, you can also have lunch and dinner in a wide variety of restaurants, go shopping or have a drink with your friends in the many bars and pubs there are.


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