Staying a Dorm | 9 Tips to Stay Safe and Comfortable

Are you a backpacker and want to go on vacation alone or also with some of your friends? Of course, there are many things you can do if you want to enjoy your vacation comfortably, safely and with a low budget. One way to keep your vacation costs low is by Staying a Dorm. For those of you who are beginners, here are some ways or tips for staying a dorm.

staying dorm | tips for stay in dorm

1. Use a small padlock to lock your bag

The first thing you should know if you want tips on staying in a dorm when you go on vacation abroad is to buy a small padlock and also use it to lock your bag, backpack or backpack. There’s nothing wrong with buying some small padlocks, so you can keep all the valuables you have. Make sure if you save valuables ranging from money, ID cards, and family relatives, to passports and visas if you are on vacation abroad. The small padlock that you use later will be very important if you stay in the dorm for a long time. For example, for those of you who go on vacation abroad, so you will not be suspicious of other roommates if you lose your belongings.

2. Be Friendly With your Roommate

Other dorm stay tips that you should know are to be friendly to all residents or people who stay in the same dorm as you. Even if you don’t know him, or you are limited in language because you are going on vacation abroad, greeting and getting to know your roommate is important. This is to minimize unwanted actions. Besides that, getting to know your fellow dorms will also make it easier for you if you want to ask about things you can and cannot do while you are on vacation in another country. There is nothing wrong if you ask the origin, to the tourist destination. Who knows you can also go together and this will also definitely help your vacation a lot.

3. Avoid Sensitive Questions

For those of you who are still beginners, this is something you must know if you want to be comfortable and feel at home living and staying in a dorm during your vacation. Even though you have to be friendly with other roommates who live in the same dorm, make sure you don’t pretend to be familiar. Especially if you ask things that are sensitive and private. Most people abroad do not like about questions that are too personal. You can ask about general things, such as their experience while on vacation in that place and also their next tourist destination. In order to be familiar and have fun chatting, there’s nothing wrong if you ask them for advice or vacation tips.

4. Pay attention to the rules and regulations in the dorm

If you stay in a dorm, you will usually see that there are some rules or regulations applied. So it’s a good idea if you first have to read the rules and also obey them. This is so that you do not disturb the comfort of friends who live in the dorm. If you don’t understand the language in the rules, then you don’t need to hesitate to ask the person who has lived in the dorm with you.

5. Smile and give a warm greeting

It can be said that your fellow dorm friends are the first to know your condition if you experience something unwanted while in the dorm. Like when you are sick suddenly in the middle of the night. So make sure if you don’t become a snob. Get in the habit of greeting and smiling friendly to friends or people who stay in the same dorm as you.

6. Choose Female Dorm

If you are a woman and also traveling alone, then make sure you stay in a female-only dorm. This is very important so that you can later feel safe and comfortable while you rest in the dorm. Although usually the price for mixed dorms with a mixture of male and female contents is cheaper than female dorms, in terms of security and comfort, it will be guaranteed for you who are women.

7. Check the Location and Facilities You Get

Everyone, of course, wants to get lodging at a cheap and affordable price. But even so, you also have to pay attention to several things when choosing to stay in a dorm. One thing you should pay attention to is the location of the dorm that you will be occupying later. You can choose a dorm location that is close to your tourist destination, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to ride a vehicle to your destination. You can also check the reviews or ratings of the dorms on several websites.

Make sure if you don’t choose and don’t stay in a dorm that is too far from the crowds and also far from public transportation. In addition to saving on transportation costs, you will also feel comfortable and safe when you come home at night. You will find and also pass through a street that is still busy. There is nothing wrong if you check the facilities that you can get during your stay at the dorm. Starting from the bathroom, mattress to other basic facilities.

8. Use the Locker Available

Each dorm will usually provide facilities in the form of a locker that you can use when you stay at the dorm. This locker is also generally given to each person. So make sure if you use the locker carefully. You can store all the things you have in the locker while you are eating in the dining room, or also when you are in the bathroom. Make sure if your locker is locked and you don’t leave the key carelessly. There’s nothing wrong with bringing the locker key to the bathroom. This is one way to avoid being suspicious of your roommate in the event of a loss.

9. Choose the Bed at the Bottom

Usually, each dorm has bunk beds above and below, equipped with stairs beside the bed. If conditions allow, then make sure if you choose a bed that is in the lower position. Did you know that there are many advantages that you can get when choosing a lower bunk bed? As you will be able to move more freely, this is good for those of you who sleep a lot. In addition, if unexpected things happen such as an earthquake or fire, then you can save yourself and run easily and quickly. So here are some tips that you can know if you want to go on vacation and choose to stay in a dorm.


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