Summer in Switzerland – Best Places To Visit In Switzerland

Switzerland is known around the world for its chocolate, cheese, charming cities, and landscapes. From breathtaking alpine scenery to picturesque villages with fairytale appeal, Switzerland has it all. Switzerland attracts tourists from all over the world for its stunning natural beauty. Summer in Switzerland is ripe in the calendar like an open secret that everyone ignores.

Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Switzerland:

1. Schaffhausen Falls

If you decide to visit the alpine country during your vacation. We think that one of the things to do on a summer vacation in Switzerland is the Schaffhausen Falls, also known as the Rhine River Falls. You will be amazed when you see the waterfall which is 23 meters high and 150 meters wide and has the highest flow rate of 700 meters per second among these waterfalls.


2. A route through the Alps on the Bernina Express

One of the things to see in Switzerland in summer and if you want to get to know the Alpine country better, all you have to do is take a great trip to the Alps on the Bernina Express train. The train starts at Chur station, then crosses the Brussio Viaduct, the Bernina Pass, and the Engadin Valley.

3. Rafting from Thun to Bern

Another thing to do in Switzerland in summer and better to do during these months of the year is rafting from the city of Thun to Bern. The plan consists of a 40 km route along the Aare River, enabling fun and safe way down the river. Many people believe that this river is a bit rough, but on the contrary, you can descend with an inflatable boat without any problems. You should also know that you can find numerous beaches along the river during the boat trip. Where you can decide whether to stop to rest and enjoy nature while having something to eat.

4. Take the cable car up Mount First in Grindelwald

A must-see in Switzerland in summer is taking the cable car to the top of Mount Furst in Grindelwald, a mountain that reaches a height of 2,168 meters. During the summer you will be able to admire the magnificent landscape from the height, while the snow is gradually appearing on the mountains.

what-to-see-in-switzerland-in-winter5. Take the cogwheel train from Interlaken

Another thing to see in Switzerland in summer is the impressive view of the rack railway that leaves from the city of Interlaken. This train goes up to Jungfraujoch, the highest ski resort in all of Europe. Undoubtedly, you can enjoy the impressive view of the Alps by climbing the mountain bit by bit. So even if you get a little dizzy, the trip will be worth it. This train arrives in the Swiss town of Lauterbrunnen, but once there you can take the Eiger Express cable car to Grindelwald.

6. Aletsch Glacier

One of the points we cannot miss about what to see in Switzerland in summer is the Aletsch Glacier. This glacier is the largest in the Alps, with a length of 23 kilometers and an area of more than 120 square kilometers. One of the advantages of it being so large is that it can be seen from several points. But we recommend that you do it from Eggishorn.what-to-see-in-switzerland-in-10-days

7. Lake Oeschinen

It is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland during summer, as its turquoise waters attract many tourists every year. The color of the lake is due to the fact that it is fed by the glacier that surrounds it. If you decide to visit it, you can walk for an hour from Kandersteg train station.

If you prefer to get there quickly, you must take a cable car that will take you to the top. From picnicking to bathing, Switzerland’s shores are a fascinating place to visit in summer. Although its water is quite cold.

8. Oberhofen Castle

If you find yourself around Lake Thun during your trip to Switzerland. We recommend you visit Switzerland’s impressive Oberhofen Castle in the summer. This 13th-century building has a completely medieval construction. If you decide to enter, you will be able to admire the various works of art that decorate the castle. As well as the many knights’ armor that is distributed.

You can also visit the various rooms or small chapels where individual weddings and ceremonies are held throughout the 12-month period. Another element to visit in Switzerland during the summer is the wonderful garden, fully cared for and given a special look.

9. Montreux

Montreux is a trendy motel town on Lake Geneva. It is located between steep hills and lakes. It is recognized for its moderate microclimate and the Montreux Jazz Festival held in July. The city’s prom is covered in plants, sculptures, Mediterranean bushes, and grand Belle Époque buildings. Offshore is a medieval island fortress, Château de Chillon, with ramparts, ceremonial halls, and a chapel with 14th-century murals.

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