Travel in Romania | 5 Things to Do When Visit Romania

In recent years The number of people visit Romania has been increasing. One of the reasons why many heads to this country are because it is full of legends and mysteries. Such as the vampire known throughout the world, Count Dracula, whose castle you can find in this country. In addition, it also has an area bathed by the Black Sea, for many tourists who also come to disconnect and live a different vacation. For this reason, at step2travel we have prepared this post with the best tips for travel in Romania.

1. Do I need a visa to visit Romania?

We start with this list of tips for travel in Romania with one of the questions that many travelers ask themselves when heading to this country if a visa is necessary. In the event that you are a citizen of the European Union and your stay is going to be less than three months in Romania, you will not need a visa to be in the country. It will be enough with your DNI or passport to enter the country.

2. Best time to visit Romania

Travelling to Romania (Nature)
We provide Romania travel tips to talk about the best time to visit this country. It is true that Romania is a country that has mild and even somewhat hot summers, and winters whose temperatures are usually very low throughout the country. Therefore, the advice for travel to Romania at different times of the year will depend on the plans you want to make.
For example, if you are a lover of postcards full of snow, then our advice to travel to Romania is to do it between the months of December and February, where the snow will be concentrated and you will be able to appreciate the white landscapes of this beautiful country.

3. What to see in Romania

As we said at the beginning of this post, Romania is a country where you can find different interesting places to visit. Romania has a great cultural heritage, but many people are not very clear about which places are worth visiting in this country. For this reason, among our tips for travel in Romania, a list of those points that are worth seeing during your stay in this country could not be missing :

  • Circular route through Transylvania: This plan is for those who plan to spend at least 12 days in the country. The route begins in the city of Bucharest, passing through some cities such as Bran. Brasov, Sighisoara and Subiu. During this route, you will be able to appreciate Peles Castle, although our advice for travel in Romania in the Transylvania area is to visit Bran Castle, known worldwide as Dracula’s castle.
  • Danube Delta: Another of the points that fall within our advice to travel to Romania and enjoy its heritage is that you see the Danube Delta. This is the largest in Europe, with some 3,446 square km. Without a doubt, one of the best places to connect with nature and observe the different species of birds that live there.
  • Black Sea: Another of the great attractions of this country is that it has a beach bathed by the Black Sea. Our advice to travel to Romania and enjoy a good beach plan is to visit the city of Constanta. This city has more than 500 years of history, being founded by the Greeks. In addition, in this city, you can find some beaches such as Mamaia, Eforie Nord or Vama Veche, where you even reach the border with Bulgaria.


4. Pay in euros in Romania

Another question that many tourists ask themselves when visiting Romania is whether it is possible to pay with euros. which is why we wanted to address it within the tips for travel in Romania. The official currency of this country is the Leu. But it is true that in many hotels and tourist places you will be able to pay euros. But you should know that it may not be the best option since you could lose with rounding.

5. Move within Romania

When visiting this country, one of the main questions is how you will get to the places and cities you want to visit. Our advice for travel in Romania and moving within the country is to rent a car. This will give you the freedom to move between different locations, thus avoiding long journeys and waiting for public transport.
So that you have no fear, we recommend that you implement this with insurance when renting a car in case of an incident. To rent a car you only need to have a valid driving license and a credit card, which serves as a payment guarantee.

6. What can you eat in Romania

Another thing that many people do not know before traveling to this country. What kind of gastronomy is there and what traditional dishes are available? Among our tips for travel in Romania is to try the typical dishes, which are famous for being delicious. One of the foods that you should try is the mici, some rolls of minced beef, and lamb. You should also know the sarmale, which are cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat. That almost everyone who tries likes.
Other dishes that are a wide variety of soups, cheeses, sweets, beers, and typical liquors of the country. Although one of the typical meats that you should try is Pastrama or, as it is known in Spain, Pastrami. This consists of veal meat subjected to a process of salting in brine, to be dried, smoked, and steamed A real delicacy
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