Where to travel in summer 2022

With an eye on summer, many people have already started planning their next vacation. Unlike in 2020 and 2021, this year the health measures for COVID-19 are more relaxed, with hardly any restrictions remaining in many countries. For this reason, at  step2travel we wanted to make this post to talk about which are the destinations to travel in summer of 2022 and spend an unforgettable vacation in these places.


1. Costa Rican

If you are thinking about where to travel in the summer of 2022 and what you are looking for is a vacation where you can connect with nature and enjoy good times on the beach, then you should travel to Costa Rica. This country is one of the places in the world where nature is one of the great tourist attractions. In this country, you will find different landscapes, from tropical beaches to impressive volcanoes that will leave you speechless.

This country stands out for having 50% of its area covered by forest, also having more than 20% of the territory protected to conserve the fauna and flora of the place. If you decide to go to Costa Rica you will be able to reconnect with nature in the best possible way. Many of the people who travel to this country do so with the thought of doing different sports activities or hiking through the different parts of the country.


2. Brazil

Another popular destination to travel to in the summer of 2022 is Brazil. The South American country is perfect if you are looking for a vacation on the most impressive beaches in the world . The country is characterized by having a warm and sometimes humid climate, due to tropical rains. You can also visit some of the most important cities in the country , such as Rio de Janeiro , where the most impressive beaches in the entire country are located, such as Copacabana or Praia do Flamengo .


3. Portugal

Our neighboring country is also one of the places to travel in the summer of 2022, being the destination of many people every year. Many people only know the two typical cities of the neighboring country, Porto and Lisbon, but if you delve completely into Portugal you will find towns and small cities with a charm that will make you fall in love with the country.

One of its biggest tourist attractions is its beaches, especially those located in the south of the country since they are usually very visited by surfers looking for the best waves. Another reason to travel to Portugal is for its great gastronomy, where you can enjoy good wine and some typical dishes such as the Francesinha or the Nativity cakes, so if you are a lover of good food, you already know where to travel in summer 2022.


4. the United Kingdom

One of the destinations that people least think about where to travel in the summer of 2022 is the United Kingdom, especially because of the country’s association with bad weather. During the summer months, the best time occurs throughout the United Kingdom, since temperatures rise, without reaching the level of Spain, thus being able to enjoy more of the different parts of the country. It is true that during the summer is when more tourists are concentrated in the country, especially in London, but if you do not want so much hustle and bustle of people you can visit the southern and northern areas, especially small towns and cities, where you will find landscapes that will take your breath away.


5. Argentina

Argentina is one of the favorite destinations for many Spanish tourists, either because of its gastronomy, the people, or the great variety of nature that you can find in the country. For this reason, if you are thinking about where to travel in the summer of 2022, you should have the option of visiting Argentina. You have to know that if you head to this country in the summer months in Spain you will find that it is winter there.

Among the different tourist attractions in Argentina, cities such as Buenos Aires, the country’s capital, or Ushuaia, known for being considered the city that is near the end of the world and that during the months of July and August are when it looks best, stand out. Also, if you are a food lover you cannot miss visiting Argentina, since it has dishes such as roasts, with different meats; empanadas, which are also made with many types of meat; choripán, a simple but delicious dish consisting of a piece of bread with a sausage in the middle, etc. So if you are a meat lover, you already know where to travel in the summer of 2022.






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