Travel to Jericoacoara : Learn about eating and drinking there

Want to visit the best city in Brazil, Jericoacoara. 10 Most Important Think You Need To Know Travel to Jericoacoara. To help those who do not know what to do at night in Jericoacoara, we have separated some very cool and fun attractions. If you want to Travel to Jericoacoara in Brazil, you must know a lot about eating and drinking there. Check it out below!

Travel to Jericoacoara

To eat and drink

Travel to Jericoacoara then be sure to learn about what to eat there.

1 – SambaRock Café

For those who want to eat or drink a few drinks to the sound of good music on Jeri’s night, SambaRock Café is a very cool option. The place works as a bar, restaurant, and pizzeria and is open from 5 pm to 1 am, Monday to Sunday.

The place has a very relaxed and colorful decor, with live music every day of the week. The show’s schedule is very eclectic and each day has a different rhythm, including forró pé de Serra, electronic music, MPB, national rock, and country music.

Address: Main Square, Jijoca de Jericoacoara.

2 – Alchymist Dunes

The Alchymist belongs to one of the most popular hotels in the region. The place works as a kind of disco, with a tent, as well as a restaurant and lounge club, and is usually frequented by tourists who want a good place to eat or enjoy a night out.

To liven up the night, Alchymist promotes several parties with electronic music. If you want to know the space, the place starts working from 18 pm.

Address: Main Street, s/n.

3 – Zchopp Jericoacoara

Another option for those who want to sit in a bar to eat something delicious and have a few drinks is Zchopp, which also works as a pub. The venue has a pool table and hosts live music performances every day.

The menu features snacks and executive dishes, in addition to alcoholic beverages and the traditional beer on tap. The house is open from Sunday to Sunday (except Tuesday), from 5 pm to 3 am.

Address: Rua Principal, nº 56.

Travel to Jericoacoara

To eat

Travel to Jericoacoara then be sure and careful to learn about what to drink there.

4 – At Her House

The Na Casa Dela restaurant has a rustic, intimate and cozy decor, with outdoor tables, perfect for a romantic dinner. The menu is full of dishes made with seafood and there are also vegetarian and vegan options. The house is open from Sunday to Friday, from 18:30 to 23:00.

Address: Main Street, nº 20.

5 – Gelateria Gelato and Grano

To take away the heat of the Jericoacoara night, you can stop by Gelato e Grano and choose from more than 100 flavors of gelato, with diet and lactose-free options.

The place has cozy architecture and rustic elements, very frequented by tourists. Gelatos are produced daily by hand.

Address: Travessa Ismael, in front of the main square.

6 – Santo Antônio Bakery

The traditional Padaria Santo Antônio opens at 2 am precise to serve people who are returning from the popular parties at night in Jeri. The menu has several options of stuffed bread and typical bakery products.

The bakery is usually full at dawn, so if you want to try some delicacy, don’t wait until dawn, as the products run out quickly.

Address: Rua San Francisco, downtown.

7 – Leonardo da Vinci restaurant

Da Vinci is an Italian food restaurant, which operates in a comfortable, sophisticated and welcoming environment. The place has an outdoor area for customers who want to have their feet in the sand.

The recipes are exclusive and promise to offer an incredible gastronomic experience. On the menu, there are options for European and Mediterranean dishes, as well as vegetarian ones.

In addition to serving dinner, the restaurant hosts private events. It is possible to make reservations for tables at the establishment. If you want to visit, Da Vinci is open every day from 6 pm to 11:30 pm.

Address: Rua Principal, nº 40.

To drink


8 – Boteco do Saboia

The village of Jericoacoara is full of great bars to have a few drinks and relax. Among them is Boteco do Sabóia, which works as a bar and pub. Like most establishments, the venue has live music every day.

The flagship of the house are the beer buckets and caipirinhas, but the menu also has traditional bar snacks to enjoy while drinking a drink. For those who want to know, the place is open every day, from 18:00 to 2:00.

Address: Main Street, next to the Alchymist Dunes.

9 – Alcohol Walkway

For those who want to “warm up” before venturing into Jeri’s nightlife, you can go to the “alcohol catwalk”, a place with several stalls selling various alcoholic beverages, such as capita and mojito. Tropical fruit caipirinhas are the ones that most attract tourists’ attention.

The place is very popular for being close to the sea and for the variety of drinks, especially after sunset. If you’re lucky, you might find a musical group or DJ playing until dawn.

Address: Main Street, close to the beach.

10 – Gourmet Cachaçaria

The bar is the first cachaçaria in Jericoacoara and offers cachaças produced in several states of the country, with different aromas and flavors. There are also options for other alcoholic drinks, such as frozen, and caipirinha, as well as snacks, to accompany the drink. The cachaçaria is open every day, from 18:00 to 00:00.


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