Travel with KIDS | Special care for children on the Trip

October 12th is Children’s Day. For those who like to travel, a really fun thing to do is travel with kids. And that depends on the date. Are you worried about taking your travel with kids somewhere?

But to travel with children, some special care is needed, as the little ones can be very active, asking for constant attention from their parents.

Many parents sometimes refrain from traveling with their children for fear that they will be too much trouble or won’t leave their parents alone. However, this can be solved with better planning and preparation before going on a trip.

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Tips and precautions for traveling with children

The first care is with the itinerary you choose to travel. You should choose a place that has a hobby for them, doesn’t have so many crowds for you to keep an eye out more easily or choose a place that has its own environment with specialized people to take care of them while you have fun.

For example, does it make sense for you to travel with kids to a place that is exclusively for shopping, like Ciudad Del Este? They won’t have anything to do, they won’t be able to touch anything and you simply won’t be able to shop in Paraguay calmly and patiently.

To be good, an itinerary for children also needs attractive sights, good parks, and destinations that do not involve long walks or that are not exclusively for night walks.

Another care is about the travel with kids. You should choose itineraries in which children do not have to stay in cars or planes for a long time, as this can generate restlessness, as well as fights between the little ones.

If a long trip is necessary, you should bring games and games to keep them entertained throughout the period, in addition to planning breaks with them at strategic points of the trip.

By the way, the stuffed animals and toys must be on hand at all times, because at a more boring time of the trip, when even the parents will be tired, they will help to keep the children entertained.

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Regarding documentation, know that children also need visas and passports if traveling abroad and these documents have the same deadlines for creating adults.

Check the vaccine before travel with child. Preferably, take out travel insurance for the little ones. Take the necessary medicines and check if there are pharmacies and hospitals close to where you will be staying.

At the chosen hotel or inn, make sure it has a swimming pool, leisure area, toys and children’s space to motivate them to want to go. Also check for extra beds specifically for them.

Those traveling with babies should bring light and practical strollers, bags equipped with a bottle, nipples, and diapers, that is, a complete kit for all parents. You should check if the hotel has cribs and if the places to be visited have cribs.

For airlines, the prices of air tickets vary according to the age of the child. Babies may not even pay the ticket. However, the airline needs to know that there is a baby on board, because before boarding the flight attendants are warned and prepare for possible problems.

Unaccompanied minors need parental permission. Unaccompanied children are also identified on flights. I saw this on a flight I was on. In this case, a stewardess will accompany you.

Pregnant women over 8 months cannot travel by air. Babies up to 7 days old cannot either.

When packing, avoid being overweight and try to leave an exclusive bag or backpack for each child.

An interesting tip is to involve the child even in planning the trip, showing him the place you intend to travel and creating with him expectations of visiting that place.

Suggestion to show maps, photos and even try typical dishes before the trip.

As you can see, traveling with children requires care and work, but it is well worth it. Children alone are guaranteed fun.

And there’s nothing like showing them the photos of the trip you took together and talking about the trip for many, many days.

And you, do you usually travel with children? Do you take the little ones on your travels? Do you have travel tips to leave for those who want to travel with children too?


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