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Without a doubt, one of the most famous cities in Europe is Geneva. Many contracts are signed here and it is also the ‘capital’ of Swiss watchmaking. With the arrival of holidays, the Swiss city becomes the most requested destination by tourists. This is why we at step2travel wanted to do this post to give you a series of tips for traveling to Geneva.

The main recommendation we would like to make to you before you decide to go to Geneva is that you get travel insurance. If you buy it, you can ensure a peaceful vacation. Since, in case of an unexpected expense or problem, the insurance will cover you. Some situations may require lost luggage or emergency medical treatment.

The best tips for traveling to Geneva

Geneva is one of the most important cities in Switzerland, which is why the streets and buildings of the city have great charm. Here are our tips for you to get to know this city well and make your trip completely unforgettable.

1. How many days do you need to get to know Geneva

We start with Geneva travel tips if you want to know all corners of this beautiful city, and how much time or days you will need. Geneva is not known as a particularly large city, as it has only 500,000 inhabitants So if you have come to Switzerland just to get to know Geneva, a weekend will be enough to get to know the city.

This city, being small, concentrates practically all the symbolic places worth visiting in its historic center. It is true that Geneva has a special position if you plan to visit several cities in this country. Because there are different cities around it, like Basel or Zurich.

2. What is the best time to traveling to Geneva

Another big question that many people ask themselves before traveling to a Swiss city is what is the best time to enjoy the city. Among the tips for visiting Geneva and enjoying the city, we find that any time of the year is a good time to visit the city. Being a major city not only in Switzerland but in all of Europe, you will always be able to find activities and attractions in this city.

In the end, what you should take into consideration when traveling to Geneva is the cold and rainy winters. Maybe if you want to enjoy sunny days and a bit of heat, Geneva travel tips include what to do in the summer months.

On the other hand, if you are looking for winter postcards, it is better to visit in December, January and February. It may even be that your goal is to ski. So you should visit Geneva in winter, where you will find some nearby Alps ski slopes.

3. Be careful with mobile data

We are dealing with a problem that many people are unaware of by suggesting a trip to Geneva. There is no roaming service in Switzerland if you decide to connect to the Internet without Wi-Fi. Then you’ll probably end up with a big phone bill at the end of the month. Because Switzerland is outside the European Union and the European Economic Area.

In the end, the best advice for traveling to Geneva and being careful with your mobile spending is to buy a Swiss prepaid card. With this, you will be able to control all your mobile expenses in this sense to avoid unpleasant surprises when you return to Spain. A card with a calling and internet plan can cost around 20 francs, less than 20 euros.

4. Bet on public transport

Geneva has the distinction of not being a particularly large city, So Geneva travel tips include using its efficient public transportation. You should know that as soon as you arrive at the airport, a train ticket is added to the plane ticket that you have to spend within the next 80 minutes.

You can also get to the city center by bus, although it takes about 20 minutes to get there. The good thing about a city like Geneva is that it has a great transport network divided between buses and trams. In addition, you have the possibility to combine all types of transport in a single ticket.

Another tip for traveling to Geneva is to inform yourself if you are staying at a hotel. Because many give their tenants a Geneva Transport Card, a card that allows you to travel on public transport completely free. Undoubtedly, staying in these places is a great advantage if you are a tourist.


5. Change your euros when you arrive in Geneva

Another tip for traveling to Geneva and having a peaceful experience is that as soon as you arrive, you exchange your Euros for Swiss Francs. It is true that payment in Euros is allowed in many places in Geneva such as some shops, public transport, car parks, etc. Of course, you should know that the change will be given in Swiss francs, adjusted to the daily exchange rate.

For this reason, it is best to visit any of the exchange houses scattered across the city. We advise you to be careful with ATM withdrawals in Geneva, as they may charge you a slightly higher commission. For this reason, another tip for traveling to Geneva is to talk to your bank in advance so they can inform you of possible commissions they may charge you.

6. Remember to bring an adapter for your plugs

If you’ve never traveled to Switzerland, you might not know that the sockets there have a voltage of 230 V, which is three pins. A tip for traveling to Geneva is to carry it with an adapter in your suitcase to avoid any mishaps. It is true that many hotels have these adapters for tourists, but it is better to be careful about this as it can save you in a tricky situation.

7. Find out what language is spoken in that area

If you don’t know Switzerland well, you will. Depending on the region, one or the other language is spoken. The various languages considered official in the country are German, French, Italian, and Romance. In the case of Geneva, being in the western part of the country, French is spoken

With the Swiss citizens, you meet during your stay, we can learn some basics of French to understand the basics. You also need to remember that the French spoken in Switzerland is not the same as the language spoken in France. In any case, in a country with many international organizations, you can understand yourself speaking English.

8. Be sure to visit the most emblematic buildings in the city

As we mentioned earlier, in Geneva you can find the headquarters of some of the world’s most important companies. Some of these buildings are the World Financial Center, the United Nations, the headquarters of the Red Cross and the World Health Organization. Among the Geneva travel tips, we include that you visit Lake Leman, a symbol of the city.

If you are looking for more cultural plans that help you learn about the history of Geneva and Switzerland. Then You should visit the Patek Philippe Museum. which focuses on the history of the watch and is one of the symbols of the Alpine country. You can also walk through the old town and see some of the buildings like St. Peter’s Cathedral or the Bourg-de-Four square. Although it is a small town, it has many points. Which you must see because of its importance not only in Switzerland but all over the world.


We hope that with all these tips for traveling to Geneva, all your doubts will be cleared. And you buy your ticket to Alpine country. This city has one of the most fascinating histories in the world. Where many important international agreements were signed during the production of the world’s most accurate watches.

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