What to do in Marrakech

If you are planning a trip to Morocco and you will definitely be visiting Marrakech, there are attractions that you cannot miss as well as interesting activities that are worth participating.

Come with me to find out what to do in Marrakech during your holidays!

What to do in Marrakech

1. Jemaa El Fnaa Square and the Souk

The liveliest square in Morocco is undoubtedly Jemaa El Fnaa . There you will find a little bit of everything: snake charmers, monkeys, vendors, artists, handicrafts, spices and a lot of popular culture.

Like any street artist in Morocco, they also expect to be awarded some money, so if you want to enjoy any performance, take pictures or accept any service (for example henna tattoo), you have to pay, so always ask the price before.

Be sure to taste the best orange juice, explore the souk (market), visit the Koutoubia Mosque, and don’t forget to buy the wonderful Moroccan products. Don’t be surprised if during your visit you are an attraction apart, after all, tourists are always welcome.

2. Bahia Palace

This vast palace has 150 rooms, including a harem section located next to the famous Court of Honor and is situated on two hectares in the middle of Marrakech’s medina.
In 1894 Si Moussa’s son, Ba Ahmed, hired an architect to expand the Palace even further, adding to the complex: a mosque, a hammam (also known as a Turkish bath) and a vegetable garden. The Palace is full of gardens that occupy an area of ​​8 thousand square meters.

The Palace is one of the most beautiful masterpieces of Moroccan architecture, one of the main monuments of the country’s cultural heritage and one of the main tourist sites in Morocco.

This Palace, as its name already defines, has rich architecture and full of details that superiorly reflect the Islamic and Moroccan styles. The Palace is open to the public every day of the week and the ticket can be purchased on site for just 1 euro, equivalent to R$5.67.

3. Dar Si Said Museum

The oldest museum in the city displays various artifacts of Moroccan art. In the past, the current Dar Si Said Museum was a palace and also the residence of Si Said . For those who like to see an exhibition of antiques, it is worth the visit. The museum, like Palácio Bahia, also works every day of the week, but with different hours on Fridays, due to Muslim prayer.

The Dar Si Said Museum is the oldest museum in the city of Marrakech and has the largest collection of works on display. The attraction is even bigger than the Museum of Marrakech.

The museum’s collection includes an exhibition of antiques, barn doors, Tuareg leather bags, ceramics, embroidery, rugs, weapons, instruments and jewels of Berber origin.


4. Majorelle Garden

Who doesn’t know Yves Saint Laurent ? This famous French designer often visited the Jardin Majorelle , and was inspired by this beautiful place. The garden was created by the French painter Jaques Majorelle, who made this environment a true work of art in motion. There you will find from a garden full of different plants from different parts of the world, even a museum, in addition, there is also a memorial dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent.

The Majorelle Garden, covering over 9,000 m², is one of the most enchanting and mysterious gardens in  Morocco . Created over the course of forty years, it is surrounded by exterior walls and consists of a maze of intersecting alleys on different levels and boldly colored buildings that combine Art Deco and Moorish influences.


5. Saadian Tombs

The Saadian dynasty ruled Morocco between the 16th and 17th centuries, the Saadian tombs are nothing more than a large mausoleum where the members of this dynasty from the most powerful to the royal guard were buried. The building is one of the most beautiful in the city and has an architecture rich in details, being a daily attraction for tourists.

The complex boasts a breathtaking design, with high domed ceilings, intricate wood carvings and imported marble statues. In the tombs, mosaics of colorful tiles and lattice-shaped stucco are a testament to the skill of 16th-century artisans. There are two main mausoleums, together containing 66 tombs; while the rose-filled garden provides space for the graves of more than 100 members of the royal family – including advisers, soldiers and trusted servants.

6. Secret Garden of Marrakech

A Riad museum, the Secret Garden of Marrakech would be an oasis in the middle of the city. Originating in the 16th century, the site was once home to great politicians. Le Jardin Secret Marrakech was restored in 2008 and has been open to the public ever since. In addition to the fabulous garden, you can also enjoy the beautiful architecture of the building, eat or drink tea and even visit a small museum and souvenir shop. Tickets currently cost 50 Moroccan dirhams.


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