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If you think of traveling to Venice, one of the Most famous Cities in Italy, you can’t miss this article.  Get ready because we present the definitive guide with tips for travel to Venice for the first time.

1. What season is recommended in traveling to Venice Italy?

 Traveling to Venice Italy: One of the first tips for traveling to Venice is to choose the time of year in which we will head to the city of canals. We must bear in mind that this city is one of the most visited in Italy, so if we do not want to be surrounded by tourists, we must choose well when to go.

Spring and autumn are two of the best seasons to go to Venice, as the temperature is pleasant and you won’t find the city crowded. If you don’t mind that there are many people in the city, you can visit it during the summer, being the heat is one of the main inconveniences.


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2. How do you get to Venice?

The second point in our guide to traveling to Venice Italy is how to get to the city . Being one of the most visited towns in all of Italy, you will find a multitude of options to reach the population. One of these first options is by train.

If you are already traveling through Italy, getting to Venice by train can be very simple and fast, since the city has two train stations: Venice Santa Lucia and Venice Mestre. The first of these two is closer to the city center, so it is advisable to get off there. Both stations have good connections with the rest of the country, as well as with countries such as France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Croatia.

If you decide to fly, our advice for traveling to Venice is to be clear that there is two airports very close to the city. The main airport is Marco Polo, although there is also Treviso, it is located about 35 kilometers from the city.


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3. How to get around Venice

The city of Venice is characterized by not allowing any type of motor vehicle to circulate within the city, so to move within it we will have to do it on foot or by taking the Vaporetto. It is true that buying just one ticket for the Vaporetto can be somewhat expensive, so our advice to travel to Venice and be able to move around the city is to buy a daily ticket for unlimited trips on the Vaporetto.


4. How many days does it take to get to know Venice?

One of the most frequently asked questions by tourists who decide to head to the Italian city is how many days they should spend in it to get to know its most emblematic places. It is true that this issue usually depends on many factors , such as the time we have, the money we want to spend and the style of travel we take. With all this, our advice to travel to Venice and get to know the whole city is to spend a minimum of three days . It is the only way to see the city center, the islands that make up the population, the museums and the most beautiful corners of the town . In the event that you can only stay two days, you can visit all the places with good planning.

5. Where to stay in Venice?

If you set your mind to travel to Venice, one of the questions will be Where to stay in Venice for the night. This question will also depend on many factors, such as the objectives, the time or the budget you have for the trip. Among the tips for traveling to Venice, you should know that staying in this city is usually expensive , especially if you want your room to have views of the canals.

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Despite this, you will find various cheaper options that will allow you to get to know the city and not have to go out to sleep. Depending on the time of year, prices will be higher or lower . If you decide to go in summer you will have to be clear that the prices will be high and that there will be very little supply due to a large number of tourists there are. On the other hand, if you travel at the end of September, considered the low season, you will see how many of the prices have dropped. Our advice to travel to Venice in peace is to book the place where we are going to spend the night well in advance.

6. What to eat?

A city like Venice has a great gastronomic offer, but with the inconvenience of the high prices that are usually found in all the restaurants in the city . One of our tips to travel to Venice and manage to eat without having to make a large outlay is to bet on all the food places that have the possibility of taking away, thus being able to enjoy authentic Italian food with the best views of the Venetian.


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The truth is that the best restaurants in the city are not in the center of the city, but on this type of trip there is usually no time to go to areas that are not so touristy. Another tip for traveling to Venice Italy and enjoying its food is to go to a tapas bar, or Cicchetti, which usually has reasonable prices for both food and drinks, as well as being a pleasant experience.

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